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Viv and Doug Fairbanks on Password (1963)

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You know, I think this is the first footage I've seen of Vivian without Lucy, sans a brief clip of her on Joan Rivers' show.

I've seen (lately not the original airings) two non-Lucy appearances from the 60s.  As a guest on Merv Griffin, she sings in her soprano seated at the chair next to Merv and talks about launching a concert career, which I assumed she ultimately abandoned (changed her mind?  low interest from bookers?) Not sure what year that was from.   The other is as a guest on the Carol Burnett-Bob Newhart show "The Entertainers", a trouble-plagued one-season variety from the Bob Banner production company, whose "Garry Moore Show" had just ceased production. Again, she sings. Bob Banner produced the first 4 seasons of "The Carol Burnett Show" and although "Garry" and "Etnertainers" were done in New York, all three had a similar look.   It was during the production of "the Entertainers" that Carol took on a Broadway musical simultaneously ("Fade Out, Fade In").  Shades of Lucy/Wildcat, she bit off more than could be chewed and claimed she could not go on with "Fade" because she suffered some injuries in a car accident.  "Fade" producers were not happy when she attempted to continue on with "entertainers" and lawyers were called in.  Carol, like Lucy, never did another Broadway musical.

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Interesting that Vivian was thinking about a concert career at that time. I had thought she had become afraid of singing live. In the '60s and '70s she did so much summer stock, but didn't do a single musical. I'm sure John Kenley would have loved for Viv to do "Hello, Dolly!" or something.


Years ago, bits of Vivian on The Entertainers was online. Viv did a terrific rendition of "Stormy Weather."

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