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The Family Plays PassWord

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I loved this most recent episode of Password. Lucy looked FANTASTIC. She has on that beautiful red dress. Very happy to have been able to see that in color a few times. It’s a great dress. And her hair. Can we discuss her hair? This looks like a variation on the wig that she wore those three times on The Lucy Show before it got vetoed. I like this version just as much as her other one. They took years off of her.


Lucy sounds very upbeat and very excited to be there that day playing and talking about her upcoming season of TLS. Nice to hear Desi Jr. talk about his band and their album. But you have to feel a bit bad for Lucy as the rest of the family got to talk about their projects and she sounds so sad saying she’s just starting high school. She’s rather reserved this whole episode too. Much better though than her first appearance where she sounds like she was desperately trying to fit in. I do love that the name thing seemed to be really tripping up Allen this time. I loved when he the Lucy’s said “which one”. I wonder how many times a day that was said in their house.


And Gary. Gary stop cheating. I do like the cute little couple moments here. The mention of the lucky number and how Lucy is more interested in her kids than actually looking to Gary for her clue.

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