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Here's Lucy: Season Six - Questoin


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QUESTION: Does anybody have the Here's Lucy: Season 6 DVD? If so, I'm asking for a favor. Would somebody please upload the Public Service Film, that's on Disc Four, under Special Features? The reason why I'm asking for this is because I actually know one of the people in that Public Service Film. I mentioned it to them, but they don't remember it.


I was watching the "Special Features" section of the DVD, and there was a special feature entitled, "Film Short: For a Wonderful Life!" So, I'm watching it, and there's a part where a young lady and her mother are walking & talking on screen. They met their mother/grandmother at an outdoor cafe, and started talking. Then, it clicked! They were trying to convince their mother and grandmother to go to the doctor. I waited until the end credits, and sure enough, it was them! I was like, "I'm so going to E-mail them, and let them know!" It was like 1974, or something like that. They said they loved me for telling them about it, and they're curious to see it. they also said that she can't believe that I find the things that I do. The short is about female gynecology, and pap tests. It was hosted by Lucille Ball, and her daughter, Lucie Arnaz.


I could take a video of it, with my phone, and send it to them, but I'd like it uploaded from the DVD, itself. I'd do it, but I'm having computer issues


My contact information is as Follows:


Jonathan.Yuhas@yahoo.com & https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.yuhas

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