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Lucy Show Trivia

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"According to "The Beatles Biography" by Robert Spitz, "The Lucy Show" approached the Beatles about appearing in a walk on role, but the Beatles, who were much in demand, turned down the offer."


Walk on?  So this is not referring to the most likely guest spot "Lucy in London" taken by Dave Clark Five.

"Wingding" maybe?

People are always referring to HL as TLS and vice versa so this may have been a Here's Lucy.

No episode I know of features a likely spot for a Beatles cameo unless it was the four of them walking on at the end of "Caught in Draft" and saying "they sent us over here as Carmichael's replacement".

The Beatles as guests would have been a Burton-Taylor like coupe; and the plot would have been easy!

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The Beatles were approached to make a cameo in Lucy in London. Lucy was to walk down the street, pass by The Beatles, and do a double take. They were offered $100,000 for the 10 second cameo, but Brian Epstein turned it down immediately.

$100,000???  That sounds like a substantial portion of the entire budget.   "London" obviously had a big budget...which makes one wonder why it was never repeated, if for nothing else than to recoup more of the cost.  Reviews aside, it did great in the ratings; so there was no reason to think a repeat wouldn't garner respectable numbers.   "London" represents one of my favorite things Lucy ever did; and the story behind it (as told in the wonderful DVD doc) is even more amazing.

I've never read anything to this effect but I'll bet teens who tuned in to see their favorite Dave Clark Five band sing one of their hits were sorely disappointed that what they got was "Pop Goes Weasel/London Bridge".  No group was on the same level as Beatles, but how hot were the DC5 in 1966?  As a part of TV history, it would have been great to have the Beatles instead of the DC5.  But if the "London" ads had featured "Special Guests: The Beatles" and what they got was the cameo you describe, there would have been outrage.

I don't know what the Beatles relationship with TV was in 1966.  You'd think they would want to work with someone of Lucy's show biz stature.  I only read about their record-breaking "Ed Sullivan" appearances in 1964, with an audience of screaming girls (and a few boys, I would imagine) .  I pity the poor other guests on the Ed's Beatles shows, only indulged by the Beatle-hungry audience (including Georgia Brown doing her "As Long as He..." from Oliver).  But between Ed in 1964 and London in 1966, certainly the initial fury and frenzy would have subsided a little.

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In Mod Mod Lucy, Harry could have gotten the group whose name he couldn't come with...But the day of the show Paul goes surfing with Mahalia Jackson and contracts laryngitis*.  It looks like they'll have to call the whole thing off until Lucy steps in to sub as vocalist.  However they have to change the program to songs Lucy knows: a medley of "Mares Eat Oats", "A Tisket a Tasket" and "Hut-Sut Rawlson on the Rillerah"  .

Harry gets the group for $50 but goes ape when he realizes that the $50 is just for hairspray and that the Beatles fee is actually $100,000 for the night.


Lucy needs 4 plumbers and is fooled by the Beatles' disguise, overalls that say "Paul the Plumber" "George the Plumber" and  "John the Plumber".  But you'd think Lucy might have figured it out with the overalls marked with "Ringo the Plumber".   Musical Highlight: "Lucy in the Sky with (Liz Taylor's) Diamonds"------Lucy, Beatles


*other possibilities.  Paul gets mesothelioma when the boys have a run-in with the DDTs.

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