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Marjorie Lord dies at 97


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She of her sickening sweetness, and such an important part of not only Lucy history but Viv history as well, needs her own thread. :( :(


From the LA Times:



t wasn't easy for Marjorie Lord to leave acting after four decades. But there was grace to consider.

And given the alternatives, "I would rather retire graciously," she told the Times in 1989.

Graciously was how she did most things, said her grandson Tommy Davis, a Los Angeles real estate specialist. "She was possibly the most elegant, gracious and ladylike woman I ever met — like at an iconic level, you know?"

After acting, she seamlessly remade herself into a Los Angeles philanthropist and co-founder of the Scripter Award.


Lord, star of the television series "Make Room for Daddy" and widow of Union Bank magnate and Music Center patron Harry J. Volk, died of natural causes Nov. 28 at her home in Beverly Hills. She was 97.




Such a lovely and beautiful woman. She was delightful to meet in Jamestown.

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The chronology contribution - 7/26/1918 - to - 11/28/2015:


Marjorie Lord, actress, 76 titles; Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz) early career friend, room-mate; shares, birthdate; Desilu Studios'-filmed, Cavalcade of America “Great Gamble,” 1954, “Take Off Zero,” “Decision for Justice,” 1955; Make Room for Daddy, 219 ep., 1957-64; Desilu Productions', Wire Service “Hideout,” Phyllis Holley, 1956; Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, “Lucy Makes Room for Danny,” 1958; Desilu Studios'-filmed, Joey Bishop Show “This Is Your Life,” 1961; Make Room for Granddaddy “Lucy and Lecher,” 1971; with Lucie Arnaz, CBS at 75, 2003; Headliner, Lucy-Desi Days, Jamestown NY, 2006; born, 1918.


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