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Lucy's screen test...


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  • 2 weeks later...

I just ran across these (Mary Poppins screen test and My Favorite Husband CARTOON!!)

Who ARE these people? They're so creative.

Can anyone figure out where this Lucy footage is from?

We've heard their Lucy and Judy before and they're flat-out BRILLIANT--on so many different levels. Not only are their impressions great (although their Lucy is not very flattering), but the wit! You have to listen closely for all the obscure references. Just the fact that Judy sings snippets from "Sister Suffragette" and "Fidelity Fudiciary Bank". "Sister" is my favorite song from "Poppins" and I'm probably the only person who says that. It's really such an unnecessary song in the scheme of "Poppins" but I'm just glad Glynis got a solo.

But that Patricia Neal impersonation! and Shirley Booth! I'm speechless!

I hope the "My favorite Husband" animator does more. It works! He really captures Lucy's expressions in cartoon form. I love the characters reactions when they look directly into the 'camera'.

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