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Dead Famous: Lucille Ball

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I noticed, early on, when visiting the Roxbury home, the two saying shortly after Lucille's death, the house was torn down and rebuilt; that's WRONG, isn't it?  ANYONE?  JK :fabrary:

It was never "torn down" but once it was sold (after Gary's death, if I'm not mistaken), the new owner(s) gutted it "down to the studs" as it was described to me and rebuilt. The exterior remained basically the same although I think they also replaced the windows with newer "versions" unlike the ones we were familiar with for years. :lucyhmm:

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She's informed me that she will be coming to Lucy Fest this year.  We will have plenty to talk about, Joyce.   ;)



For THAT, I can't WAIT!!!!  She's only come to me in dreams - 3, rapid succession or a cuppla more recent ones; but, only see her from a distance, and it's always on a set somewhere.  In any event, I don't meditate; so, it'll come as a welcome surprise if I can feel her around at that time.  Looking forward to your and Gypsy happenings.....Loving you, JK :fabrary:

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