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Gale cuts you-know-who's apron strings

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It looks like they had to let out and add a little bit of red frill for Gale between Lucy's Contact Lenses and Harrison Carter: Male Nurse. LOL




Three years ago, I posted the above observation in the Oh, Those Travelling Props thread.


Taking this morning off, I picked up my TLS marathon back up at the dreadful Lucy Saves Milton Berle and found this rejigged apron had a bit of an evolution period between the Danfield years and Here's Lucy:




Letting it out a bit for Mr. Mooney, adding a bit of extra frill for Male Nurse Harry!


Can we find any other changes to this apron?

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Besides Ethel's bathrobe, were any costumes worn on "I Love Lucy" also worn on any of her following shows? Given the changing styles, I doubt many would have been plausible.


One of Lucy Ricardo's polkadot dresses worn in several episodes (Breaking the Lease, for example) is seen (but not worn) on Here's Lucy in Lucy Takes Over... or is it Lucy & Aladdin's Lamp?

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Lucy wears that gray suit she wore everywhere in the late 50s on the following episodes.


Comedy Hours-Tallaugh and Sun Valley.

Lucy Show-Mooney running for comptroller and Process Server.

Love that suit, it so flatters her! Although I don't care for what's associated with it's wearing so that's a little upsetting but... oh well such is life I guess. :lucymeh:

She also wears it throughout most of the Westinghouse sales presentation which I recently rewatched after not seeing it for eons (it's on one of the hour-long DVD release discs as a bonus feature, #2 if memory serves) and I really enjoyed it plus it's one of the coolest things in recent memory I can think of in terms of "going back in time" and being able to clearly see how the studios looked and were laid out at that time, including those great helicopter POV shots of each respective lot (although it was a little disengenous to make it appear the Culver City (former MGM) lot was just a minute or two away from Gower and Cahuenga  given in reality they're miles apart and not that quickly accessed (even then) by "heliocopter"! :blink:


I was disappointed to find however that the program ended abruptly without having any screen credits as to who wrote it, directed it etc. Otherwise it comes highly recommended (plus it's cool /interesting/funny to see the four principals acting like their screen counterparts but all using their real names!). :HALKING:

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