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1991 LucyFest Coverage

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Here is an hour long documentary on the first annual LucyFest. There are lots of great moments here including interviews with Lucie, Marion Van Vlack, Pauline Lopus, Ernesta Klopp (how did this name not make it into a script?!), Greg Mullavey (I had no idea he was from Jamestown), and some familiar Lucy fans. One great segment is dedicated to the 1956 Jamestown visit. It's pretty amazing how much of Jamestown's future plans in 1991 regarding Lucy came true.


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Thanks for posting this, Jamie; you ARE the best!  I was roaming around down there that year; it was like a giant yard sale/carney around town; not really impressive to me at the time.  Certainly has grown into something GREAT!



Not quite right; but, almost as 'scary':  Ernestine Klomp (school teacher in MY day); kid when Lucille was.... :fabrary:

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Are any of the fans in the video on this board?

I wonder what became of the acting hopefuls interviewed here.

Alan Ball went on to great things ("6 Feet Under") and you can see the genesis of Lewis Black's angry man character.

I don't recognize other names.

Lucie "In all my 30 plus years....." yes 30 plus TEN!! Well, I guess she hadn't officially turned 40 yet. The ageless Lucie could pass for 23 here. And today she could pass for 33.

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