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9 Things you DIDN'T know about The Lucy Show

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So, ME!!!  Why isn't The Lucy Show on your daily schedule?


In the Encyclopedia of network TV shows I have (2007 edition), they list the top shows of all time.  I'm not sure how they combine the statistics (length of run/ratings?) but in the edition I have "The Lucy Show/Here's Lucy" classified as one series, which it is and isn't, ranks at #10 while I Love Lucy is way down at a lowly #24!!  Only 2 sitcoms are ahead of TLS/HL: "All in Family/AB's Place" and "Friends".  Between TLS/HL and ILL are -in order- MASH, Cheers, Cosby, Frazier, Andy Griffith, Roseanne, Home Improvement (??!!) and (gag) "3's Company".   "Seinfeld", by the way which i would have thought would topped #9 Friends is #34!  The unglamorous #1 show: "60 Minutes".



It's been reported elsewhere but I don't see the logic of starting a series with the idea in advance, that it was to last a single  season.   Unprecedented and makes no sense.   Wasn't this more of a PLOY than an actual PLAN?  What would Deslu have had in 63-64 without her?  The lamented (by me) Glynis, 13 weeks, and Greatest Show (single season).  In 64-65 and 65-66, Desilu's sole network product was "The Lucy Show". 


Was Viv really the first divorcee portrayed on TV?


"Lucy almost drowned" is a bit of an exaggeration, but it makes a good story. 


And it's a little bit of an ego thrill for me, that the "Lucy in London" clip they provide the link to, is my "re-mix" of several years ago. 


BTW, Decades ran her 90 minute Dick Cavett interview which she did as part of her "Mame" promotion.  I don't know what time Dick taped or if it was live, but regardless, the poor thing had been up since 5am because she also did the Today show earlier that day.  In this interview, she tells the 'receiving radio signals in her fillings' story.  She tells it with such detail (including the fact that the Japanese morse code station was under the vacant lot where the 'Birmingham Hospital' is now--circa 1974) that I find it believable.  Didn't someone debunk the physics of such a thing happening?  I don't care. She tells it so well.   About which I say AGAIN: who says she's not funny on her own?

On this and a few other interviews, she dismisses the "Mame" pans and mentions "the great reviews "they've" brought me EN MASSE".  Other than Milton Krims in Saturday Evening Post and Holiday magazine, I don't remember any outright RAVES.   Variety's review was positive but no rave.  The oft-quoted reviews tend to pick from the most mean-spirited snarky ones-witty, but mean.  Most of the reviews I read had reservations about the movie as a whole but usually stated a variation of "when the character of Mame and Lucy coincide, it's wonderful".  (Shades of "Wildcat" reviews). They really got on Lucy's case for the soft-focus close ups......as if she invented them!   Look at the Doris Day TV show!  And my gawd!!: even Shirley Temple was soft focused in close ups and 26 year old Ingrid Bergman is so enveloped in the "Casablanca" airport fog that her facial features are barely discernible.   I contend that had the public at large not known Lucy's actual age (61 during filming NOT 63 which she had not yet turned upon its release--and the reason the public knew it was because these reviewers made a big to-do about it), it wouldn't have been such a plum, and, let's face it, sexist and ageist target.  Besides, the Mame character is of no specified age--so why not 60?----(as I get older I realize SIX-OH doesn't mean you're Judith Lowery or Burt Mustin!)  And Lucy at 61 photographed younger than Angela Lansbury at 48, her age when Mame was filmed---------and, I ask,  where is CLAUDE to chime in when you need him?

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