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Desi on Late Night with David Letterman

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Maybe with the proceeds from selling his share of Desilu, he didn't need the money; or he didn't want to work that hard, but I don't know why Desi didn't get his band back together and do an act, maybe for Vegas and clubs that still existed.   In this and the other few appearances he made, he seems to enjoy performing and the audience loves him.  

Wasn't he an odd choice for guest host on the very first season of SNL?  He'd been out of the spotlight for so long.  I don't know that he'd been seen on TV since his guest shots on his Mothers In Law and the Kraft Music Hall he did with Vivian and the kids. 

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In the original incarnation of SNL they also had the likes of Ruth Gordon, Milton Berle, and Broderick Crawford host. All three aren't what I'd call front runners for the job.

I've never seen Crawford's episode, I don't remember Ruth's, and Milton's was an absolute disaster.

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Yeah I was just gonna post. He seemed to be in great spirits here. Is this his last TV appearance? I think in 1984 and 85 he stayed out of the public eye and took care of his dying mother, before being diagnosed with lung cancer in 1986. During Life With Lucy, he was too ill to help make the show better, and was mostly bedridden. I read this in Ball of Fire. 

My aunt thought he looked really scary when he got older. 

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