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Garry Marshall dies at 81


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Very sad and surprising news. I always think of him up there with Norman Lear and Grant Tinker as one of the great 70s TV producers, even though the only show of his I ever really enjoyed was The Odd Couple. The man had talent. I'm interested to hear if Penny releases a statement.

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Great banner boss!


This is quite the year thus far losing so many folks we've either grown up with and loved or were integral in our childhoods, etc. and Marshall was certainly one who impacted our entertainment from our formative years.


If nothing else he "discovered" the late great Robin Williams by "finding" him and putting him on our radar, giving him a platform, a stage and what a launch he had! "Mork & Mindy" may have only ran 4 short seasons but it catapulted Williams into the public's awareness and he took it and ran with it, ultimately becoming a comic icon after a long career of memorable films, TV and concert appearances.


Thank you Mr. Marshall for the hundreds of hours of funny, from some of my favorite films (Beaches (because of Bette); Overboard; Frankie & Johnny etc. but mostly for all those WUNDAFUL "blue collar" sitcoms you excelled at, primarily Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley. 


Nice too that he has ties to our beloved redhead, having contributed a dozen or so scripts with then writing partner Jerry Belson (four of his TLS episodes are some of my favorites from the "rebooted" i.e. Viv-less seasons, both Clint Walker eps as Lucy's hunky construction worker date and two of the better "Countess" episodes, including the one with Bill's last appearance.)


As an actor, he was hilarious in many appearances, for me probably never better (or funnier) than as Stan Lansing, Candice Bergen's boss on "Murphy Brown".


He also was pretty much responsible for giving us the also amazingly gifted actor and director, his sister Penny so there's that too.  So much to be grateful to him for!  


Thanks again Mr. Marshall and rest in peace. :lucymeh:

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