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Rachel York film is on TV right now

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Boy, I forgot how terrible the acting was in this film! Not to mention the script and direction. What a stinker.

I think the production schedule was incredibly rushed. It was all filmed in a matter of weeks with very little prep time. I remember the People Magazine review stating it "looks like it was shot on a budget of $250." I think Rachel and Danny did the best they could with very little time and support.


It was shot in Auckland for budgetary reasons. Most of the actors were Kiwis, with a few Australians thrown in. Americans were only used for lead roles. Vanessa Grey as Carole Lombard is one of the highlights, in my opinion. Theresa Healey, who played Madeline Pugh, spent years on a legendary NZ soap opera, "Shortland Street". It's fun spotting the repressed accents. The actor playing Jess Oppenheimer is one of the worst offenders. It also explains why Rebecca Hobbs (Vivian Vance) sounds so formal and posh.


I admire the project for having its heart in the right place but it definitely needed a lot more planning and preparation.

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