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Any guesses???

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Do you think The Lucy Show will remain on MeTV's schedule come this fall? Or do you think the series will be dropped again in favor of (more) I Love Lucy?




As much as I HATE to say it but I think and I'm afraid that MeTV will retire The Lucy Show from their schedule once September comes. The way they have treated this series in the past indicates it. I hope I am wrong because I have been enjoying The Lucy Show very much in the mornings and during my DVR catch-up viewings. It is a nice to a different seldom-played Lucy for a change. I am crossing my fingers that they will, at least, get through ALL of season three this time. And airing the rest of series definitely wouldn't hurt.


I just wish that that the channel would air the two series REGULARLY and not cut down or remove one entirely for the other. They are TWO series not ONE. And if they can air two episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, Hogan's Heroes, M*A*S*H, Perry Mason DAILY, then I can't see why they can't, at least, air an episode of each I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show daily. I would love to see The Lucy Show retain its morning slot AND I Love Lucy be apart of the network's weekday prime time line-up this fall. And I would definitely love to see the network do another Lucy block but this time include The Lucy Show and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.


This is what I am hoping to see for their fall schedule in regards to Lucy:



6:30 AM - The Lucy Show

9:00 PM - I Love Lucy 2x (replaces Happy Days/Gilligan's Island)    



5:00 PM - I Love Lucy (replaces The Love Boat)

5:30 PM - The Lucy Show (replaces The Love Boat Con't.)

6:00 PM - The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (replaces The Love Boat)


This is what I am hoping to see for their fall schedule in regards to parts of the schedule:



5:00 AM - The Patty Duke Show

5:30 AM - Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

6:00 AM - F Troop

6:30 AM - The Lucy Show

7:00 AM - The Andy Griffith Show (color episodes)

7:30 AM - The Beverly Hillbillies

8:00 AM - Petticoat Junction

8:30 AM - The Brady Bunch


6:00 PM - Mama's Family

6:30 PM - Gilligan's Island

7:00 PM - The Beverly Hillbillies

7:30 PM - The Andy Griffith Show (black & white episodes)

8:00 PM - Happy Days

8:30 PM - Laverne & Shirley

9:00 PM - I Love Lucy

9:30 PM - I Love Lucy

10:00 PM - Mama's Family

10:30 PM - Carol Burnett & Friends

11:00 PM - Comedy Conundrum (Mondays: The Mary Tyler Moore Show 2x, Tuesdays: Get Smart 2x, Wednesdays: Welcome Back, Kotter 2x, Thursdays: The Bob Newhart Show 2x , Fridays: The Odd Couple 2x).



7:00 AM - The Love Boat

12-2PM: Brady Bunch Brunch

2:00 PM - Gilligan's Island 2x

3:00 PM - Happy Days 2x

4:00 PM - Laverne & Shirley 2x

5:00 PM - MeTV's Queen of Comedy (I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, & The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour)

7:00 PM - The Andy Griffith Show 2x (black & white episodes)

10:00 PM - MeTV's Last Laugh (no changes here)

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