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Lucie's eye color

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Are you sure they are hazel? Because I went to google.com and typed  "lucie arnaz eye color" into the search query, and a few websites say that she has blue eyes!


My eyes are Hazel (I think :)).  People often tell me I have blue eyes.  For  a long time I've thought they were blue.  Depending on the light or what I'm wearing, they look blue.   When I look in one mirror I see blue eyes, when I look in  another with different lighting, I see green.  Hazel eyes are tricky.  https://www.quora.com/Why-do-hazel-eyes-appear-to-change-colors (" Blue eyes are blue to lack of melanin, brown eyes are brown due to a lot of melanin and hazel or green eyes have melanin levels in between, and, as such, can appear to take on different hues based on how they blend with the colors people wear, the color of their hair etc.  The eye color doesn't actually change, there is just a perceptual difference to the observer.")


Looking at this chart, going from top left (blue) to bottom right (brown), I would say my eyes are closest to that third image, and Lucie's somewhere between the fourth and fifth.




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