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Van Dyke and Company

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Here is a Dropbox link for the show that I dvred. I'll leave it up until I need more drop box room.



Thanks this was good.  About the  Lucy sketches she is funny in the first two (new you shop, the old star (very tongue in cheek).  The third as older couple is okay too predicable.  I like her reaction to Andy, who I cannot stand.  The Lookers are 70s fun.  The last sketch is the best.  Very topical and tribute to old silent comedies.  The last dance number is great.  Lucy looks great and you can tell she enjoys working with Van Dyke.  in the 1970s Lucy did a lot of great appearances wish in the 80s this could have continued but her output (and offers) slowed down

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The Van Dyke Show.....They had no way of knowing at the time but the TV variety format was dead....dead....dead....except for SNL which was LIVE. 

Carol Burnett was the very last of her kind.  Hers had the look and spontaneity a variety show should have.  The only one in the 70s that came close to replicating what live TV was in the earlier years.    All the other variety shows were cobbled together with canned and/or VERY sweetened audience response: a much less stressful way of putting these shows together but that process sucked the very life out of them.  Carol did her entire show TWICE on Friday night with 2 different audiences; from 4:30 to 6; and then again from 7:30-9:00.  Set/costume changes: everything.   

Dick's "NEW Dick Van Dyke Show" was far from a flop (3 year run.  Dick says HE pulled the plug, not CBS) but forgotten now.  He had another comedy flop in the 80s : "The Van Dyke Show", on videotape, never a good way to do sitcoms, IMO.    Seems like he had one more sitcom flop before coming back against type, ala Andy Griffith in Diagnosis: Murder.  

Maybe this is the road Lucy should have taken....look at the long runs of Matlock, Diagnosis and Murder, She Wrote.  But in Lucy's case, they could have dusted off and updated those old "Glynis" scripts, which if I'm remembering correctly contained a bit of physical comedy in each episode; and some genuine suspense.   There were only 13 Glynis episodes.  Jess Oppenheimer was producer which accounts for Lucy similarities.  The reruns of Glynis did well subbing for The Lucy Show in the summer of 1965 but I don't know that there was any talk of reviving the series.  Glynis, for those who don't know, was one of the Desilu shows that sold for the fall of 1963.  Scheduled at 8:30 on Wednesday, it may have been hampered by its lead-in "CBS Reports", but should have benefited from the show that followed, the still #1 Beverly Hillbillies.  It was relatively rare for shows to be cancelled mid-season but that was the fate of "Glynis"; and with the ABC cancellation of "Greatest Show on Earth" at the end of the season, Desilu, as producer, was back with only The Lucy Show on the air for the 64-65 season. 

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