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I don't know if we have a thread on this so forgive me if I am repeating.


I just have to say that the "Finding Lucy" documentary has the be the best overall take on Lucille and Lucy.  I really enjoyed it.  I haven't watched it in quite a while since my copy is on vhs and I no longer own a vcr.  I recall a scene from that where Lucille was talking to Lucie in an episode from Here's Lucy and she was making dinner.  She tells Lucie .."people know what they're doing" .. and she turns on the hand mixer and plunges it into a salad bowl or cracker bowl sending debris everywhere.  A terrific example of her physical comedic skills.  Does anyone know what episode that particular scene is from?


I like how they mention regarding  The Lucy Show how the ratings were so high .."She proved us all wrong.. SHE proved SHE was a superstar!"  I wish they'd delve more into this time of her life.  They do a great job but I'd sure like a more thorough peek into those years.  I am sure she was tops at that time and I wonder how others viewed her success.  I wonder what Bette Davis or Joan Crawford or any other of her peers' opinion of her success was.


If any of you have any favorite moments from this show I'd sure like to hear about them.  

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My gripe with so many of these docs is the lack of post 1960 coverage. The Desilu one Bravo did is the only one that covers those years.


In this doc there are some press pieces from the Red Scare press conference, A Desilu Stockholder meeting and the Forever Darling tour. Does anyone know if these stuff is available anywhere in full?

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