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"Behind The Shadows"- Lucy's Haunted House

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The video in this piece I have seen in full. I wrote a synopsis shortly after viewing it as it was amazing.


In 2005 Cleo and Fred came back for the May festival. While there they toured the house and it was all recorded by multiple people. From what I can recall seeing in the video the people present at the house that day were: Cleo and Cecil, Fred and Zoe, Lucie, Wanda Clark, Mary, Lloyd F., museum staff.


Things I remember they talked about in the video. Cleo talks about warming herself on the furnace grate. The piano was sitting a little more in the corner of the parlor room. I believe they recalled when Grandma Hunt was sick in the parlor and died there. As soon as Cleo got outside DeDe’s room she VERY much remembered how DeDe would spend sometimes as long as 3 days in bed in that room with a migraine headache and Cleo would often crawl into bed for DeDe to cuddle her and DeDe saying that she wouldn’t wish being this sick on a dog. It seemed so vivid to Cleo.


Neither could remember if they had the linoleum or not. They think they remembered the tub.


Next they went outside and both remarked how it was more yard then they remembered. Fred talked about his vegetable garden. Then they reenacted the shooting.


The shooting: (in the backyard, behind the house)


This was amazing to watch and answered so many questions. They also so naturally just went into reenacting it, no one really prompted them to do it. There may have been a question about it but Cleo just took over in plotting it out.


Freddie, Grandpa and Joanne were standing sort of near the back porch and were shooting out into the backyard away from the house towards an old building. Cleo and Warner were standing off to the corner off the house to the left if you are looking at the back of the house. When Warner’s mom called his name he ran directly in front of the gun as Joanne fired but it was so close that the gun must have fired right into his lower back. Cleo actually did this run as Fred stood in the spot and sort of recreated where the gun may have been and Cleo shows when he was hit and then how he hit the ground and yelled out “I’ve been shot.” To where she said Grandpa told him he wasn’t and to get up. Fred remembered that he fell into a bush. Lloyd (his parents owned the house after the Hunts and he was born there) said that he remembered a lilac bush being in that location so that must have been it. They then talked about the aftermath and how Grandpa wasn’t really under arrest but had to live very close to the jail in Mayville. Fred would often go up to see him and stay there. Cleo and Fred talked about how that all really broke him and Cleo got very emotional over it and said after all those years it still was really upsetting her and then she turned to hug Fred. It was very sweet.


What was so very interesting to find out was both Fred and Cleo very much recall that Lucy was not present when the shooting happened. They recalled it being odd as they knew she testified in court but it didn’t make sense to them since she wasn’t there. Just more of Lucy in her tendency to embellish on some things a bit much.


Lucie was video tapping the whole tour along with the others but she was really good in asking questions of Fred and Cleo to get some information out of them. One of the things that really stuck out to me was how they said that it seemed like Lucy wasn’t around too much when they were younger because she was “off with her boyfriends” or “running around on motorcycles” were some of the phrases Cleo used. It does make sense; there was a 4 year age difference between each of them thus making Cleo and Lucy 8 years apart.


Another thing that was very nice to see was the interaction of each couple. Fred had a lot of mobility issues but Zo seemed to get around very well and helped him when needed and Lucie did too. In the backyard later Fred was sitting on a swing with Cecil and Cleo was standing and joking with them both until she eventually sat down between them. Again very nice interactions that you could see how close the family was.


Fred and Cleo sat for a long time on the swing together and talked about Lucy in general and how keeping her family together was an important thing all her life. Just nice thoughts about a sister you can tell they really loved. Cleo joked with Wanda about her getting Wanda the job as Lucy’s secretary. Fred talked about how he was living in Arizona and Lucy wanting him to work for the studio. Desi’s “interview” with him consisted of “get to work”.


Cleo was also very happy to have a cut of lilacs before she left.

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Ok, I feel like I should say something here. As some of you know, Joanie (Gypsy on here) and I are both mediums as well as paranormal investigators like these people in this video. At the risk of sounding like a loony toon, because I don't know what everyone's beliefs are here, John Edward is not the only medium who has seen and talked to Ms. Ball. ::ahem:: Joyce, you know what I'm talking about. Wink, wink.


She wants me to make this clear right now: "I don't do that ghost shit!" She doesn't put her voice on recordings, she doesn't appear in pictures. And believe me, we've asked her to do these things ourselves and she refuses to. She will not lower herself to that "crap." Frankly, to her, ghosts are "sad and scary." She is very much happy in her afterlife. She loves being dead honestly. She has a job on the other side that she takes very seriously and doesn't have time for that "stupid ghost shit."


She doesn't haunt Lucy Lane. Her family does not haunt there either. The only time they come back to Jamestown is during the Fest when the energy from all those fans draws them back, especially Lucille (of course). The "psychic" on this video doesn't impress me. Being from the New York area she probably knew where Lucy grew up and maybe Googled a few things or read a couple bios to get her "hits."


Three summers ago, Joanie and I first went to Lucy Fest. This was our first encounter with Ms. Ball's spirit. Joanie saw her torso dressed in the famous polka dot dress standing behind us while we were sitting on a bench outside the train station. This past summer, we both saw her at the Lucy Lane house after we "whined and whined" (her words) about her never manifesting in pics or audio for us. This doesn't mean she's stuck there haunting the place.


Being a paranormal investigator, I can tell you those "creeped out" feelings were due to high EMF which can cause creepy feelings as well as paranoia. The guy in the video even demonstrated this when he placed his EMF detector on the floor and it spiked.


Like Mary said in the video, that house is peaceful and you can sense love and family there, nothing negative. Chances are those people who claim to have paranormal experiences there are really experiencing high EMF and wishful thinking.

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I felt peace and love. It was eerie some nights but I never felt any presence from anyone or anything. I had those calm peaceful moments alone to think and experience the place. I read the pages in her book while in her room, alone and said if I was going to feel anything I thought it would be then. Nope, not a thing.

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