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Harrison's 2016 I Love Lucy Winter Wonderland Madness Marathon

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The last couple of days have been something else. With freezing temperatures, icy roads, power outages, falling trees and branches - getting around town or out of the house has been quite the chore. So I have been inside more or less trying to keep warm. And with that said, it gives me some time (and an excuse) to watch an all-time favorite and that is I Love Lucy!  Nothing beats having your own marathon of an all-time favorite sipping on hot chocolate and being all cozi-upped with blankets. Here is my ...



The 2016 I Love Lucy Winter Wonderland Madness Marathon:

(120 episodes currently playing in all; began with popular favorites. Will be played again if needed.)  


"Job Switching"

"Lucy's Italian Movie"

"Lucy Does a TV Commercial"

"The Freezer"

"Lucy Is Enciente"

"Lucy Goes to the Hospital"

"Lucy Raises Chickens"

"Lucy Does the Tango"

"Pioneer Women"

"L.A. At Last!"

"Lucy Visits Grauman's"

"Lucy and John Wayne"

"Redecorating the Mertzes' Apartment"

"Ethel's Hometown"

"The Ballet"

"Lucy and Superman"

"The Operetta"

"The Great Train Robbery"

"The Camping Trip"

"The Million Dollar Idea"

"Bon Voyage"

"Lucy and the Loving Cup"

"Lucy Learns To Drive"

"The Tour"

"Lucy's Night in Town"

"Off To Florida"

"Never Do Business With Friends"

"Harpo Marx"

"Return Home From Europe"

"Bonus Bucks"

"Building a Barbecue"

"Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress"

"The Fashion Show"

"Lucy Gets a Paris Gown"

"Equal Rights"

"Lucy's Schedule"

"Lucy Gets In Pictures"

"The Golf Game"

"Visitor From Italy"

"Lucy In the Swiss Alps"

"Tennessee Bound"

"Lucy Wants New Furniture"

"Men Are Messy"

"Lucy Tells the Truth"

"The Ricardos Visit Cuba"

"The Handcuffs"

"Paris at Last"

"Lucy Raises Tulips"

"Lucy Is Envious"

"Be a Pal"

"California, Here We Come!"

"Ricky and Fred Are TV Fans"

"The Gossip"

"Lucy Is Envious"

"Lucy's Bicycle Trip"

"Desert Island"

"The Diner"

"The Girls Want To Go To a Nightclub"

"Charm School"

"Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald"

"Fred and Ethel Fight"

"Too Many Crooks"

"Ricky Loses His Temper"

"Ethel's Birthday"

"Hollywood Anniversary"

"Lucy's Second Honeymoon"

"Sentimental Anniversary"

"Lucy Fakes Illness"

"The Quiz Show"

"Ricky Asks For a Raise"

"Lucy Changes Her MInd"

"Deep Sea Fishing"

"Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation"

"The Fur Coat"

"Ricky Needs An Agent"


"Nursery School"

"Lucy Hires An English Tutor"

"Lucy Goes To Monte Carlo"

"Lucy Writes a Novel"

"Face To Face"

"Lucy Is Jealous of a Girl Dancer"

"The Amateur Hour"

"Lucy Wants To Move To the Country"

"Lucy Hates To Leave"

"Lucy Misses the Mertzes"

"Lucy Gets Chummy with the Neighbors"


"Home Movies"

"Vacation From Marriage"

"The Young Fans"

"Getting Ready"

"The Girls Go Into Business"

"The Inferiority Complex"

"Little Ricky's School Pageant"

"The Matchmaker"

"Ricky's Contract"

"Ricky's Old Girlfriend"

"Mr. and Mrs. Television Show"

"Lucy Becomes a Sculptress"

"The Courtroom"

"The Ricardos Change Apartments"

"The Kleptomaniac"

"Lucy's Mother-in-Law"

"The Moustache"

"Ricky's Life Story"

"The Black Wig"

"Lucy Meets Bob Hope"

"Pregnant Women Are Upredictable"

"New Neighbors"

"Oil Wells"

"No Children Allowed"

"California, Here We Come!"

"Ricky's European Booking"

"The Passports"

"Staten Island Ferry"

"The Business Manager"

"The Indian Show"

"Cuban Pals"

"Lucy Meets Charles Boyer"

"Lucy's Showbiz Swan Song"

"Lucy's Last Birthday"


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