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Family Theater Radio Show

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Downloading radio shows I came across a show called Family Theater. I found 2 with Lucy as host and 1 with Desi as host. The hosting duties seemed to be an open and close talking about the need to pray to keep families strong. What I find curious is the date of 1954 on these. I know a lot of stuff can get mislabeled, but would they have been doing radio in 1954, even just as a host. No "Star of..." was mentioned, just their names. 


Does anyone know more about this show or any post ILL radio work (other than Let's Talk to Lucy and the ILL Breaking the Lease episode)?

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The only Family Theater episode with Lucy I was aware of was "The Golden Touch" starring Jack Benny. That was from May 1951. I'm curious to hear about Lucy's other hosting stint and Desi's. 


Lucy's Lux Radio Theatre production of Fancy Pants was done two days after they filmed the first episode of I Love Lucy. I can't think of any other radio acting roles for Lucy after this.

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I was wrong, Lucy is only showing up for one episode here. It just got posted twice,





Here is Desi's called Summer Replacement



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