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It's time to update our Lounge Software.


Normally, this is a seamless process but I need your input on a factor before continuing.


When the webhosts upgrade the platform, we can either choose to retain our original log-in name and password OR or current display names, which will then be the new log-in names. (Users will be able to change their display names once the forum is upgraded)


So, majority rules: which method would you prefer. Do you still want to retain your current log-in information, or would you like to keep your current moniker?


For example: My log-in name is "admin" but my display name is "Brock"


Please weigh in as soon as possibl!

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21 minutes ago, JoeyCentralCal said:

Oh, you weren't in on it? Thought you might have been the one in back of all this! :blink:


No, we're a hosted site. Our previous software was not supported anymore, so the update trigger had to be pulled or else the Lounge could be shot out from under us.

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53 minutes ago, Mot Morenzi said:

Yesterday, I got a notice when trying to visit that this account had been suspended. As it's back up, I presume it was just a blip with the new software or something? 

Yeah, apparently there was an error in one of the domain names when the database refreshed itself. 

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