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Rose Marie has died


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Rose Marie's Twitter account (and I'd assume also her Facebook) shared this message from her daughter, Georgiana "Noopy" Rodrigues:


Noopy here. It's probably hard to believe that with Mom being 94, that her passing would come as a shock to us, but it did.

I want to let you know how much your comments, tweets and messages meant to her. She was in a constant state of disbelief that so many still cared about her, her memories, her career, and what she had to say. She loved knowing you were using her recipes, enjoying her memories, being inspired by her life, and laughing at her jokes.

She was so thrilled with the documentary that Jason made about her life and it made her so happy to know that you were enjoying it as well. She wanted nothing more than for the film to be successful. And if truth be known, she also wanted to be remembered.

So, to that end, I've decided that we're going to keep her Twitter and Facebook going. I've asked Kathy, who has been serving as her assistant, to continue sharing Mom's stories and photos with you (she had tons). Jason, who gave her the gift of going out on top, will share news about the film and where and how you will be able to see it. I'll keep tabs on everything and drop in every once in a while to share a story or some news.

Mom always said, "timing was everything," and she had perfect timing, so we have to believe this was her time. She'd waited a long time to be reunited with my father and I'd like to think that they're together again.

Thank you for all the love you showed her and for you support of Steve and I as we adjust to life without her larger-than-life presence.


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I ordered the DVD of "Wait for the Laugh".  It hasn't come yet and I just saw an ad on Decades.  They're running it on Tuesday night followed by Rose's appearance on "Gunsmoke" (?!) and a Doris Day Show.  This is the half-hour version Gunsmoke so it was before Dick Van Dyke. 

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