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"Our Miss Brooks" Strikes Oil!

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Note the episode title "Aunt Mattie Boynton":  the episode has little to do with Boynton's aunt.

It's fun to see Mary Jane as Daisy Enright.  Evidently she did only 4 episodes (but more on radio).   Also the scene with just Mary Jane and Gale Gordon.  In 20 years they'd both be on Here's Lucy but other than their phone exchange in "Harrison Carter, Male Nurse" ("I've heard of bosses who take their secretaries on trips.......well it was JUST A LITTLE JOKE Mary Jane"), I don't remember any scenes where it was just the two of them.

The awkwardness of the oil spraying scene makes you appreciate how hard it was to stage something like this.  They only had a couple of days to work out the kinks.


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Thanks so much for posting this! They really should have used Daisy Enright more often. She's a funny character and Eve really shines playing off her.

There are two great Harry/Mary Jane scenes in Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage. Mary Jane actually doesn't appear with Lucy in that episode; only Harry. They also have some scenes where it is the two of them versus Lucy in Lucy and the Franchise Fiasco and Milton Berle is the Life of the Party. I also love their brief exchange in Lucy Loses Her Cool (Harry: If Lucille sees us together, she'll start to get suspicious. / Mary Jane: Right. She knows I can't stand you.) There are also brief moments between the two characters in Lucy's Tenant and Lucy is NG as an RN. In the latter, I love the two of them giggling together and Mary Jane says, "You're cute, Harry."

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According to imdb, this was the first of her 4 appearances as "Miss Enright".  I didn't catch her being referred to as Daisy in this or the other episode of OMB I've seen her in.

And here's some Mary Jane Croft trivia I did not know.  She made more appearances as Clara Randolph on "Ozzie and Harriet" than she did on The Lucy Show (both as Audrey and Mary Jane) and Here's Lucy combined---though only by 2 episodes.  75 on O&H, 73 of Lucy.   She certainly had a busy season in 65-66, appearing as a regular on TLS and O&H simultaneously.

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