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First Glenn gets "Sunset" and now THIS


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The latest is this Babs woman wants Lady Gaga to play Louise to her Rose. :vanda:

Someone needs to put a stop to this nonsense.

Have you heard the latest Brockie, Streisand is rumored to want to redo MAME next and it was said she wanted Kathy Perry for Vera. Now, they checked with Ms Streisand, the world's greatest star and she said she was misquoted, she never wanted Kathy Perry for Vera, she wants Tyler Perry in drag.
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I'm not sure who this Kathy person is, but Steisand should focus on her true calling -- a Broadway revival of Fiorello! with herself in the lead.

Katy Perry is a famous pop star, she was recently briefly married to comedian Russell Brand. I heard Babs is considering Driving Miss Barbra with LL Cool J as the driver.
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Has anyone heard the Forbidden Broadway parody of Barbra Streisand doing Mame? It's marvelous!


"Who coaxed the blues right out of the horn? MEEEE!

Who charmed the husk right off of the corn? MEEEE!

Who did some gorgeous hummin' and fired that old tacky dixie band?

Who stopped the banjos strummin' and brought some civil rights to dixie land?

Who made a farewell tour twice before? MEEEE!

Who thinks she should have run with Al Gore? MEEE!

Who made each homely Brooklyn girl feel she could be sexy and she-she?

Who's life is inspirational? Who's style is confrontational? Who's so tough she's castrational?

Mee! Mee! Meee! Mee! MEEEEEEEE!"

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The Gypsy movie is in the works again, although Barbra has exited the project. Amy Sherman Palladino is in talks to direct. Melissa McCarthy is under consideration as Rose. The only Melissa McCarthy singing I’m familiar with is her duet of “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” with Barbra Streisand, in which they fight over the same role!



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