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Emmy Awards Lucy's 30th TV Year

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That's so sweet! I wonder what the plaque said. If ever there was a time to reunite her on stage with Desi... but I digress.

The gown she "sprung for" certainly doesn't pair well with VHS quality. I was going cross-eyed just trying to figure out what color it was:lucydaze:

Do we know what award she presented? After all that hoopla, I certainly hope it was a good one. 

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3 hours ago, Luvsbway said:

Sadly you don't see that on the awards, but love Shirley mentioned Lucy's legs.

Shirley calling her "My Gypsy" was really nice also. The whole thing was just so heartwarming.

That photo (I'm assuming taken in a press area), really makes it look like Lucy is in some sort of glamorous police lineup.

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10 hours ago, Will said:

Never got why this award isn't mentioned in her list of Emmy wins.   This is a rare occurrence to have a special award like this right?

Probably because it's not a win. It's a special honor. The Governor's Award she got in 1989 technically isn't a win either as that was an honor but it's the same statue for that. 

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