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Old Soggy Crotch

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For Gales' birthday this year on my Instagram I'd like to put together a highlight reel of the best times Gale gets wet on They Lucy Show and Here's Lucy. There are just so many and I can't remember them all so I need a little help with suggestions. So list your favorite below and I'll try to get in as many as I can in 1min (IG time limit).

I'll post a link to the video on his birthday here.  

I'm also considering a video of the Dinah and Merv Griffin where they talk about his nickname. 

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Some of Gale’s wetter moments:

Lucy at Marineland (fall into pool)

Lucy and the Submarine (water from open submarine hatch)

Lucy and Phil Silvers (watercooler down the pants)

Lucy and Sheldon Leonard (bucket of water in the face)

Lucy and Eva Gabor (water from hose; bucket of paint)

Lucy the Fixer (water from pipe in the face)

Lucy and the Indian Chief (pitcher of water spilled on pants)

Lucy Runs the Rapids (fall into the river)

Lucy Protects Her Job (watercooler)

Lucy Takes Over (watercooler)

Lucy the Crusader (water from wetting doll in face)

Lucy Loses Her Cool (seltzer sprayed)

Lucy Stops a Marriage (seltzer sprayed)

Lucy and Aladdin’s Lamp (wet ceiling collapse) 

Lucy Makes a Few Extra Dollars (ice tea spilled; watercooler)

Lucy and the Celebrities (pitcher of water dumped on head)

Lucy’s Replacement (coffee and cream in the face)

Harrison Carter, Male Nurse (ice tea spilled all over) 

A Home is Not an Office (bucket of paint)

Lucy and Her Prince Charming (pitcher of water dumped on head)

Harry Catches Gold Fever (pushed into river)

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I hadn't noticed until the other day that when Harry gets the pitcher in the crotch in Lucy & the Indian Chief that Gale catches the jug on its way down to the floor of the trailer, lifts it up a bit and drops it again to ensure maximum sogginess. 

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