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Georgia Engel has passed away


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13 minutes ago, Luvsbway said:

I'm shocked to learn she was only 70. I saw her in The Drowsy Chaparone on Broadway and she was just delightful.

Man, Betty White just keeps hanging strong, sadly watching so many of her friends pass away. 

Georgia always had lines like “when you get to be our age...” with Betty on Hot in Cleveland. She was 27 years younger than Betty and 2 years older than Wendie Malick!

Georgia was also brilliant on stage in the avant-garde Off Broadway drama “John” a few years ago. I wish the Times obit mentioned she won the coveted Obie Award for her performance, as well as her BAFTA nomination for the movie Taking Off.  

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This is horrible news to end the day with. What a sweet, funny lady. My favorites from her are the uproarious "Pat's Secret" episode from the end of Raymond's run and a line that she had on MTM when she and Ted were getting married. While alone in Mary's bedroom, Mary asked Georgette if she was really sure that she wanted to get married. Mary said something along the lines of "Then you do love him?", and Georgette replied, "Of course I do, Mary. Somebody has to."

And yes, my heart breaks for poor Betty, seeing so many of her friends go. But, I guess she wouldn't have lasted so long if she wasn't able to roll with the punches.

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How very sad! She was a lovely lady and quite talented. And only 70, my goodness. 

My condolences to her friends and family. This is obviously a terribly sad day for Betty. 

Her guest appearances on Hot in Cleveland were always highlights. She and Betty had an ease to their interplay that was clearly indicative of their long friendship. I'm glad she left behind a body of work that will be remembered.

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It's a credit to Georgia that she was able to make what was essentially "a woman dumb enough to fall for Ted" into a believable fleshed-out character.  I had no idea she was that young either.   That would have made her in her  mid-20s during the MTM run--26 years younger than her TV husband (sound familiar?).

One of my favorite Georgette lines, complimenting Mary on her wine selection: "It's one of Ted's favorites.....white".   

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