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WE may Need a little Christmas but MAME needs something else


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I hesitated posting this because it didn't turn out as well as I had thought.  I had someone set to replicate Lucy's singing but he backed out so I had to go with "this untalented throat" with admittedly so-so success.  (We finally found a voice "more unmusical" than Miss Ball's).  Note that Desilu Exec Ed Holly was not around with LBP when the series ended, but his name was needed for the opening line.  And Adolph Zukor though elderly and no longer active in the industry was indeed still alive in 1973, his name also convenient for rhyme-purposes.    In any Mame video I post, I always take the extra step of sharpening up Lucy's facial features.  The fact that I'm able to make the image more in-focus and acceptable makes me frustrated that they overdid it on some of the close-ups.  I'm limited because I'm applying focus to an out-of-focus shot, which is not the same as starting with an in-focus shot---if that makes sense. 


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