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Help Choose the Lucy Episode To Watch

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I don't think we've had this before on this forum. Nevertheless, this should be fun.

A Lucy fan compiles a list of X amount of Lucy episodes (s)he wants to watch (minimum should be five and maximum 10). The other fans select one to three episodes from that list. Whichever episode gets selected the most is the episode that the Lucy fan will watch.



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I will go first. Here's my list ...

Here's Lucy: "Lucy's Safari"

Here's Lucy: "Lucy and the Italian Bombshell"

Here's Lucy: "Lucy and the Candid Camera"

Here's Lucy: "Lucy, the Mountain Climber"

Here's Lucy: "Lucy in the Jungle"

Here's Lucy: "The Big Game"

Here's Lucy: "Lucy Gives Eddie Albert the Old Song and Dance"



Please select!


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