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On "I've Got a Secret"


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Bill Frawley appeared as the celebrity guest on "I've Got a Secret" in May of 1965.  His secret: "I introduced the song "Melancholy Baby".

I have not seen this "Secret" show.  Other than his wonderful cameo on The Lucy Show that fall, it was his only TV appearance after "My Three Sons".   I believe "Secret" was done in New York City meaning Bill traveled cross-country.   His last "Sons" episode aired on Jan. 7, 1965 "Woman's Work" : "Steve and the boys share the household chores when Bub goes to Ireland to visit his 104 year old aunt."  (I wonder if she was a lint-freak too).  I don't know if his trip was written in as permanent but he apparently stayed there.  The next "Sons" episode on Jan. 14th introduced his brother Charlie played by William Demerest.   I wonder if "Bub" was ever mentioned again.  "Sons" was still on ABC at the time.  It would move to CBS in color in the fall of 1965 and run for another 7 years (12 in all and 11 of them made the top 30).  Frawley had become uninsurable and did not take his "Sons" ousting well.  He died the following March (1966).  He had a good run though.  14 years as a regular on 2 series (3 if you count the LDCHs), starting at an age when most actors have trouble getting work, 64, and enjoyed steady employment until age 77.  His wikipedia page points out something interesting.  Fred MacMurray did all of his scenes for the whole season's worth of episodes in 2 months.  After he was done, the rest of the cast did their reaction shots and scenes without him.   

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