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Dance Mame Dance #1


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The experts tell me Lucy is doing all her own singing in "Dance Girl Dance".  I defer to them.  If so, there's a trainable singing voice there.  It seems as Lucy's voice deepened she was required to sing more and more.  I can't think of another non-singing actress who sang as much as she did.  Even after spending a couple of HL seasons being dubbed ON TELEVISION, she was tapped for a big budget screen musical.   Some of the Mame songs have quite a range.  Both It's Today and Open New Window are an octave and a half.  Note that Angela cheats on the low notes in "Today".   Instead of going down to the proper note on the 2nd syllable of "candles", she stays on the same note in preparation for the high notes in "far from the first of the year", etc.    In Wildcat, just a little over a decade before Mame, Lucy hits a high C with no problem at all.   In the last HL musical segment before Mame, Lucy is still able to hit notes in the higher register in both "Ukulele Talk" and "Mama's Muumuu".    It's easy to see why Warners took a chance on her in a musical.  As an experiment, I thought:  what if Lucille Ball had retained some of that 'uneasy soprano' voice she started with?  "If He Walked Into My Life" might have sounded more like this. 


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