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What episodes are you watching on "I Love Lucy"?

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It would have been funny if they could have shown Lucy riding to the country club dance standing up in the car and having her hair getting all messed up!!! B)



My favorites to watch at night before I go to sleep (with the lights off) are from the first half of the first season, like "The Fur Coat," "Men are Messy," "The Diet," "Be a Pal," and "Breaking the lease." I'm a film noir kind of guy. I always like to think everything we have right now, including the young people of today were all "asleep." lolz. Don't ask, my Grandpa used to watch black and white TV shows late at night while we were all asleep.

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There was an "I Love Lucy" marathon yesterday for Labor Day on the Hallmark channel:


Men Are Messy

The Fur Coat

Lucy Is Jealous Of Girl Singer

The Moustache

The Gossip

Pioneer Women

The Marriage License

The Kleptomaniac

The Freezer

Lucy Does A TV Commercial

The Publicity Agent

Lucy Gets Ricky On The Radio

Ricky Asks For A Raise

The Anniversary Present

The Handcuffs

The Operetta

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Lucy Goes To Scotland


Paris At Last


Lucy Meets Charles Boyer


Lucy Gets A Paris Gown


Lucy In The Swiss Alps

You sold me, i'll put those on tomorrow, starting with Staten Island Ferry which floors me every single time i watch it, it's so hysterical when he wakes her up by slapping her in front of Charles Lane and she thinks he's hitting her asnd belts him one or at least swings at him with this crazed look of anger on her face, just cracks me up, one of her all time best scenes.

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Ricky's Old Girl Friend - I love Lucy's dream sequence everyone even the fans grow old over 25 years except Ricky and Carlotta!!!LOL!!!


Lucy: Well, she is here now. I'll bet they're planning to stir those old embers again. :lucyblah:

I went back an watched Staten Island Ferry once again, God that was a great show!

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