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What episodes are you watching on "I Love Lucy"?

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:marionstrong: Teri that's GREAT!! No need for extra fiber in your diet...just watch Lucy! :lucythrill:



Putty,It is really hard to be constipated watching Lucy making and creating messes especially after breakfast in the morning.


Lillian Appleby expresses my feelings the best on this subject: "Lucy, I really have to gooooooo." Teri: "SO DO I!"






Now this morning during breakfast I watched "Ricky's Contract" and "Getting Ready".


:lucywow: "A cadillac convertible!!!"

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Great episodes!! So many laughs! :marionstrong: :marionstrong: :marionstrong:



They kept the momentum up for these last two episodes of the 4th season.


"Ricky Sells The Car" The Mertzes think that Ricky wants to dump them in Hollywood because he forgot to buy them train tickets to go home.



"The Great Train Robbery" Lucy gets itchy fingers to pull the emergency brake on the passenger train that is taking them home.

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The Passports- Dr. Peterson dancing the jig.


Staten Island Ferry- Lucy getting seasick and tying one over with Fred. :ido:


Bon Voyage- Lucy leaving to go to Europe on a cruise ship the difficult way.


Second Honeymoon- Fred's sea sick medicine was giving him adverse side effects. Lucy and Desi knowing that Vivian and William didn't like each too much, must have been in stitches over their scenes together. I thought that Lucy was going to lose it a couple of times.

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Is Lucy gets homesick the IT'SA MY BIRTHDAY TOO one?


It was IT'SA EVERYONE'S MY BIRTHDAY" for every child in that town while Lucy was visiting. This was one of the great moments in this series when the writers gave us a sentimental storyline of Lucy missing being with her child, Little Ricky. The fun part of the episode was Lucy and Ricky going up and down those chairs, chairs? I meant stairs, because the elevator was broken.


This morning:


Lucy And Bob Hope

Little Ricky Gets Staged Fright

Little Ricky Learns To Play The Drums

Off To Florida

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Lucy Hates To Leave- Some crying jags


Lucy Misses The Mertzes- More crying jags


Lucy Gets Chummy With The Neighbors-


We get introduced to Betty Ramsey and Ralph Ramsey. Betty helps Lucy furnish her whole home. Lucy doesn't want to come across as someone who can't afford to buy it. So she goes along with Betty till Ricky finds out how much she payed for it. Lucy insults Betty by insinuating that Betty's taste in furniture doesn't suit her taste. Betty gets angry and storms out. Ricky tells Lucy that he will go and tell the Ramseys that they couldn't afford the furniture and must return and cancel the order. Ralph in conversation with Ricky thinks that Ricky is loaded with money to buy anything he wants and Ricky gets too embarrassed to explain to Ralph that he wanted to cancel the furniture order because he couldn't afford it. Ricky insinuates that Ralph is getting a big cut on the purchase of the furniture so they get into a fight. Everyone ends up fighting at the Ricardos home till Ethel makes peace by explaining that the Ricardos couldn't afford to buy new furniture. We find out that the Ramseys can't either. :maryjane2::lucy1:

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"My mother told me to pick yoooooouuuuuu"


"Dancing with your wives, what is the world coming to?"


:desi1: "yeah, well."



:marionstrong::marionstrong::marionstrong: That line gets me every time! I've been watching "ILL" every night lately, which I do when I am very stressed out. I watched "First Stop" last night. Again. I never get sick of that one! "Babyyyyyyyy dear....listennnnn herrrrre.....I'm afraid to go home in the dark!" :lucythrill:


:desi1:"En.ter.TAIN.MENT TAX?!!!!!" :marionstrong:

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