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Online Madelyn Memorial Gathering - Friday, May 6 or Saturday, May 7?


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Is anyone interested in having a chat on Friday, May 6 at 8 pm EST as a salute to Madelyn? Perhaps we can watch and chat four writing-related episodes in her honour:


1. Lucy Writes a Play

2. The Operetta

3. Lucy Writes a Novel

4. Lucy Becomes a Reporter (featuring her fellow Shortridge High School alumni Vivian Tuttle Bagley and Argyle Nelson)


Who's game?


Time and episode suggestions are welcomed!

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What does work for you? It wouldn't be a salute to Madelyn without you.


This coming week I could only do it on the weekend, preferably in the morning Saturday pacific time (or after 11am after Sunday).

With the different time zones, it might be impossible to get a time that suits everybody and I don't want you to have to arrange it around little 'ol me.....


You could just say "starts at 3:30" and letter everybody try to figure it out, Mrs. McGillicuddy-style.

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I personally prefer the Saturday afternoon time.

I work Sat afternoon and evening so only Friday's good for me but don't go by ME, i'm not big on coming on here for that, i mean, i love and respect her work but we were only three people the last few chats so i dun't thin a crowd will show up for this, no offence.

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