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The Sid & Vanda Appreciation Thread

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It appears that Vanda starred in a short play for the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Project last November. She played an aging movie starlet who plans to get into the Motion Picture Home by killing those before her on the waiting list in "Billie & Henry." :D It's great to see she's still active.


My link


She's still ALIVE??! Who knew?? lucyhorror.JPG

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She's still ALIVE??! Who knew?? lucyhorror.JPG



Yeah, I assumed she was gone also! I can't believe she hasn't done some of the intros for the Here's Lucy episodes. I hope she does in seasons 5 & 6. She was featured more in the later seasons. They should do a sit down interview with her!!


I saw Vanda pop up on Rhoda, the other day. Season 4, an episode called "Ida Alone", of which Rhoda has a party in order for Ida to meet some new friends.

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