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The Best of Desi


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Since it's Emmy night, I was wondering if you had to select one episode from each season to submit to the Emmy committee for the Lucy cast members what would it be? We've done this for Lucy in the past, but how about the supporting players.


(I know that in the early years the nominations were based on the calendar year rather than the TV season, but I'm just doing it my season here).


These would be my submissions for Desi for Best Actor.


I Love Lucy:

1951-1952: Ricky Thinks He’s Getting Bald

1952-1953: Lucy Goes to the Hospital

1953-1954: Ricky Minds the Baby (runner up: Ricky Loses His Temper)

1954-1955: Ricky Needs an Agent

1955-1956: Lucy and Charles Boyer

1956-1957: Ragtime Band


The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show:

1957-1958: Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana

1958-1959: Lucy Wants a Career

1959-1960: The Ricardos Go to Japan


What would you choose?

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ILL Season One -- The Gossip

Season Two -- Ricky Has Labour Pains

Season Three -- Ricky Minds The Baby

Season Four -- Ricky Needs An Agent

Season Five -- Lucy Goes To Scotland B) (Runner Up: Lucy & Charles Boyer)

Season Six -- Lucy Gets Chummy With The Neighbours


LDCH Season 1 -- Lucy Takes A Cruise To Havana

Season 2 -- Lucy Wants A Career

Season 3 -- The Ricardos Go To Japan

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