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The Best of Lucie & Desi Jr.


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Since it's Emmy night, I was wondering if you had to select one episode from each season to submit to the Emmy committee for the Lucy cast members what would it be? We've done this for Lucy in the past, but how about the supporting players.


These would be my submissions for Lucie for Best Supporting Actress and Desi Jr. for Best Supporting Actor.




Here’s Lucy:

1968-1969: Lucy’s Working Daughter

1969-1970: Lucy Protects Her Job

1970-1971: Lucy and the Raffle

1971-1972: Kim Moves Out

1972-1973: Lucy and Donny Osmond

1973-1974: Lucy Fights the System



Here’s Lucy:

1968-1969: Lucy Helps Craig Get a Drivers’ License

1969-1970: Lucy and Ann-Margret

1970-1971: Lucy and Buddy Rich


What would you choose?

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Season One -- Lucy's Working Daughter

Season Two -- Lucy Protects Her Job (Runner Up: Lucy & The Andrews Sisters)

Season Three -- Lucy Goes Hawaiian Pt. 2 (Runner up: Lucy & The Raffle)

Season Four -- Kim Moves Out (Runner up: Lucy's Punctured Romance)

Season Five -- Lucy & Jim Bailey

Season Six -- Lucy Fights The System (Runner up: Where Is My Wandering Mother Tonight?)




Season One -- Lucy Helps Craig Get A Drivers' Licence (Runner up: Lucy, The Shopping Expert)

Season Two -- Lucy & Ann-Margret

Season Three -- Lucy, The American Mother (Runner Up: Lucy And Ma Parker, for saying the line "Kiss your sister!" with a straight face. It was truly the acting feat of the 1970-1971 season)

Season Five -- Lucy & Joe Namath (Give me one good reason why not. LOL! ;) )

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