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Jun 27, 1970 TV Guide New York edition

Here are the sparsely worded plot descriptions for CBS's 5 Lucy Shows run Monday through Friday at 10am.  They don't give you a very clear idea of what the episode is about. 

M: "Lucy puts one over on Mooney". T: "Lucy is a financial whiz". W: "Guest Pat Harrington, Jr". Th: "Guest Jim Piersal", F: "A date for Lucy".  

As they had done for the previous year, CBS substituted "The Lucy Show" reruns for Here's Lucy for the summer starting that week.   This one merited one of those "TV Guide Close-Up"'s with a picture of Lucy and Jack "Lucy Gets Jack Benny's Account".  The blurb states "For the summer, Lucy is rummaging through shows from earlier years."  I never got the appeal of this one.  Milt took over the helm in 1964.  In his 8 season run through 1972, wasn't there a gorilla  in at least one episode per season?   I don't know if the Lucy Shows they ran in the evening each summer were taken out of the morning rotation.  Except for one Viv episode from season 3, they were all California Lucy Shows, mostly with guest stars.  Seems like they ran the same ones every summer.  I've never understood why TLS subbed for HL in the summer, which I think it did for 3 years.  And why not run some of the greats from the 2nd season with the added hook of them being in color in prime time for the first time?   

NYC's channel 5 ran I love Lucy at 7pm 7 nights a week..  That Saturday was "Lucy in Paris".  Competition was a Here's Lucy episode run by the Hartford CT CBS affiliate "Lucy runs the Rapids" (which had probably aired the previous Monday in NYC). 

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A couple of things from TV Guide Jan. 19, 1974.   The Here's Lucy that week was "NG as RN", which in a poll taken years ago won as the #1 Here's Lucy episode favorite.  I loved this  breezy, witty, well-done, but rather plotless half-hour.   It should have been an average-good Here's Lucy.  ABC and NBC had movies starting at 9.   ABC "Scullduggery", dredged up from the vault because it starred Burt Reynolds, made  BEFORE he was a big star.  "an anthropological expedition discovers the missing link".  Shades of Joan's "Trog".  On NBC, there was the equally unknown "Rabbit, Run" a film that had "limited theatrical release" with James Caan, also before he was a star via "Godfather".   Given a choice of these 3 network offerings, certainly Here's Lucy took the time slot that night.  

This TV Guide was the Portland (my home town) edition.  Other than HL there was NO other Lucy on the schedule.

Here's the thing I found the most amusing.  Lazy Dean Martin had pretty much given up the variety format to concentrate on those EXCRUCIATING bad "celebrity roasts".   This week's roast-ee was Truman Capote!  But look at the odd-ball pot pourri roster of roasters:  Ted Knight, Donald O'Connor, Audrey Meadows, Rich Little, Rocky Graciano, Joseph Wambaugh (author), Foster Brooks and that queen of one-liners Jean Simmons........JEAN SIMMONS????

This was 5 years after Stonewall but it still was not OK to acknowledge being gay on TV so I can't imagine what the always-pre-scripted jokes were.  

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"Lucy and Fred are having trouble finding their birth certificates, needed for their passports."

This was actually the description given for "Passports" on a recent Me-TV airing.

Fred: "I didn't even know there WAS a West Steubenville!"

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