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What was the FIRST Lucy series episode you saw for the first time?

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For me, it would be ...


I Love Lucy: The Freezer followed by Lucy Does a TV Commercial

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour: I believe it was Lucy Hunts Uranium

The Lucy Show: This one is fuzzy. I know it was a black and white episode as I thought at first it was an episode of I Love Lucy only to be confused as I noticed that Ricky and Fred were missing. However, I do remember watching the following episodes (that I caught on Nick-at-Nite): Lucy Plays Cleopatra, Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank, Lucy Saves Milton Berle, and Lucy and George Burns. I was later "re-introduced" to the series when the public domain sets came out.

Here's Lucy: Mod, Mod Lucy (the first episode)

Life with Lucy: Watched them all in one day. The marathon that day started with One Good Grandparent Deserves Another.


The first Lucy episode I watched was The Freezer.

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I've been watching Lucy my entire life, but here are the ones I have my first memories of:


ILL -- The Indian Show or Ricky's Life Story

LDCH -- The Celebrity Next Door

TLS -- Lucy, The Camp Cook

HL -- Lucy Meets Liberace (I have some vague, far-off memory of seeing it years and years ago before I saw HL proper in Jamestown. In that case, the first episode was Lucy Carter Meets Lucille Ball)

LWL -- Mother of the Bride

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What a good question.. I don't remember what episodes I first saw.. but my first memory of I Love Lucy was watching a b&w show on tv and seeing this lady in a dress (my mom never wore dresses.. always shirt an pants) an heels and made up and looking pretty.. I remember her walking around her couch and how her dress moved around her legs.. THAT is what kept me coming back.. seeing how ladies looked in the fifties.. (I thought everyone was like that in the fifties hehehe) Then I remember coming home in the afternoon and seeing the kitchen tv on with Lucy and Dina Shore sitting on a ski lift.. funny.. when I was younger.. I didn't notice plots.. or lines.. I looked at the picture and also liked the heart opening and closing of I Love Lucy... didn't remember what happened in the episode.. but I remember how much I liked the music.. (we are talking like five or six when this was happening!)

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