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Anyone going to the Tropicana Nights tomorrow night


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Tropicana Nights: A Salute to the Music of I Love Lucy with Special Guests Lucie Arnaz & Desi Arnaz, Jr


Anyone going? I am, and I am so excited to go. Sounds like a great time!



YES!!! Who are you, CACountryGirl? Good on ya for getting a ticket, they completely sold out rapidly fast and most people I know couldn't get one!!

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Terrific pictures!! I hope all you lucky, lucky folks who got to go had a fantastic time! Lucie looks wonderful and Desi looks cute and happy. Nice NASA cap. lol.

He was in rare form! It was all about the launch codes! marionstrong.gif


While these can't compare to the quality of the photos shot that night by the professional photographer, I snapped a few of my own via iPhone (no flash as not allowed, hence the hinky quality) which will remind me for years to come what a memorable evening this was! Enjoy. :D




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The Paley Center has a few minutes of highlights from the discussion posted. :D





Thanks for posting this...nice to have a video snippet of the night.


Up first was an edited version of the musical clip reel from "I Love Lucy" (that originally played in Jamestown in its full length), then a panel discussion with singer, Jane Harvey (who sang with the Desi Arnaz Orchestra), Ron Abel (Lucie's longtime musical pal/conductor/composer/arranger), Desi, Lucie and moderator (and friend of the family) Sue Cameron. For the most part, the discussion was serious but still had plenty of crazy, fun moments.


Next was a sneak peek of the filmed, live "Babalu" show that Lucie, Desi, Raul Esparza and Valarie Pettiford did a while back (which was truly amazing, but unfortunately not as yet planned to be released). Up next was a quick Q&A and finally a short musical performance by all the panelists, except Jane Harvey.


It really was a terrific evening and always great to see the legacy being carried on in person by Desi & Lucie!

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