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And our 30,000th Post Goes To...


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Your "gift" will arrive when I get home from work tonight! :peachonthebeach:

I just knew posting fifty times a day would get me something eventually, LOL! There's a GIFT? You're going to start a petition for the end of The Queen as our head of state? So Canada can finally stand on it's own in the world community? You bid on and got a pair of gary morton's cufflinks on e bay and are sending them to me with a note from his last wife signed with love from gary and suzy? You made a copy of the special features from your own Lucy Show 5th season because you know i'm going nuts still waiting for mine that's in Toronto?

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Nope, never been sadly. Want to! A lot of my friends just rave about it.

Lemme know if you ever do, i give a tour that is to die for, LOL! Mountain in the middle of the city that has a view that is out of this world. Old Montreal has buildings that are hundreds of years old and everything has been kept the way it was back then. The best thing about French Canadians is they live for a good time, bars, restaurants great food, sidewalk cafes, the Paris of North America they call it. Free festivals in the summertime, fireworks, comedy, jazz and movies all in festival form. The underground city where everything is connected underground in case you come when it's snowing in winter or raining in summer. Thus ends my pitch for the city!

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