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The RKO Story (Clip)

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What a great find! I've never seen this before and would love to see the full documentary sometime. Thanks for sharing!

I remember this was up some time ago and it went down- She also talks about how she and Desi took over RKO and it being a real
spooky ghost town that wasn't used for anything at all. It wasn't functioning, and Desi came in and brought it back to life, and she brought back the entertainment and wardrobe people, make up people. (if memory serves me-hopefully they'll put the rest on, Lucy says a lot about it and how eery it was
going back to a lot the had been so busy, but was now desolate)

I also love this because it FINALLY put to rest my background inquiries on these particular Lucy pics lol
Remember, at the end of Finding Lucy, they talk about Lucy being sad and heartbroken at the LWL wrap party??

Well they use these pictures where Lucy is in full make up, looking gorgeous, but VERY SERIOUS-
Well I went searching for the pics around town and found nothin of course, and just credited as family photos that u only see once in a lifetime-

THEN-this interview came some time ago, and I said-HEY!!! Thats the same hair, make up and background as the other 2 pictures from FL-maybe they used shots from
this interview to match the story of LWL- and low behold, just as I had thought that, a friend of mine sent me a picture from the shoot that confirmed everything, and unlike the pics on
FL, this one was in COLOR- so I really had fun drawing it! ...RANDOM CRAP OLA I KNOW- BUT WHERE ELSE CAN I POST THIS STUFF!?!?! lolol

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