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Lucy A - Z -- I!

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Changed mine, too, Brock; but, you're gonna have it tomorrow! What follows is the only 'I' I have, other than, of course, Ricky's "i-i-i-i-i-!":


Marty Ingels b. 3/9/36 alive



Marty Ingels, guest, Desilu Productions’, The Ann Sothern Show “Always April”, 1961; Here’s Hollywood, 1962; Lucille Ball co-star, A Guide for the Married Man, 1967; with Lucille, 4th Super Comedy Bowl 1, 1971; as well as guest, Desilu Productions', You Don’t Say, 1975, is born this date in 1936.

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India (There was once a theory that Mrs. McGillicuddy was travelling from New York to Los Angeles via India. One of the vintages sampled by the Danfield Wine Tasting Society came all the way from this country...by elephant, Lucy presumed)


Inn (what Good Squire Quinn runs on the River Out, also the Elm Tree where Lucy, Viv and the boys had New Years Eve dinner and dancing)

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Ira Levin, b. 08/27/29 d. 11/12/07


Ira Levin, best-selling playwright, whose first produced play, No Time for Sergeants, launching Andy Griffith's career, and later developed into the popular, Gomer Pyle, USMC, which Desilu Studios'-filmed in 1964; American author, dramatist; songwriter; writes stage play, Critic’s Choice, in which film version, Lucille Ball co-stars, with Bob Hope, 1963, is born this date in 1929.

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