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Lucie to Write Her Memoirs!

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Lucie has updated her website with her upcoming events, which includes starting work on writing her memoirs! I'm very excited by this. :HALKING:


My Tony Award votes have been cast! The season is over. Or, is it just beginning? AAAAHHH! It’s all in the way we look at it, isn’t it?


It’s been a hell of a busy last few months for me. Lots of travel, hopping from my concerts to my lecture circuit talks to catching up with 17 new Broadway shows in a row, to co-producing comedian Marcus Monroe’s remarkable new shows.


Now, except for a few dates which were booked in advance - sharing the stage with Marvin Hamlisch, Robert Klein and The Pasadena Symphony on June 16, returning to The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center for Comedy in Jamestown, NY to perform in and host the "new comics" night there on August 3, and performing one of my LATIN ROOTS shows in Monroe, NJ, on August 18 - except for that, I am taking some time off to stay home, enjoy my family and friends and backyard this summer, and work on sorting through all of my personal archives to FINALLY get started...(drum roll, please)...on "writing the memoirs.” Yup. It’s time. I think I have about seven books worth of stories to author here.

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I can't hardly wait. I love autobiographies more than biographies because they reveal not just details or facts but a person's personality and what they consider important to talk about. A Book and Love, Lucy were great revelations of Desi and Lucy's character and I can't wait for Lucie's book. She mentioned several books. I hope she puts her memories of Desi, Lucy, and realted people into one maybe another more present. Or she could have a book of wisdom she learned from all she has met. What several books would you want if there was more than one.

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I just hope it's not "Oh Mother, Dearest"


I don't think it will be, Lucie seems to have matured from that period in her life. And while I'm certain her mother will be a part of the book, I imagine (and hope!) Lucie will be the focal point of her book. I'd love to read about her time with her mother, but I'm more curious about her time on Broadway. And I'm all for her putting out two books, maybe each covering one half of her life? We shall see!

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