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The Merv Griffin Show (1980)

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Here are some highlights from Lucy's February 1980 appearance on The Merv Griffin Show (including a Stu Shostak shout out).




WHAT A TREASURE! And to think I just drew a pic of her back stage from this same show, but had no idea it was from this particular night!

She has such star quality

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Thanks to the shaky wireless connection at the hotel, it took me about 6 tries to watch this all the way through. lol. This is terrific, though. Lucy was always so much more relaxed and comfortable with Merv than she was with some other interviewers, which makes her seem very warm and approachable rather than aloof with a bit of a hard edge, as she sometimes did when she was older and with an interviewer who didn't relax her like Merv or Dinah could. I hope the full interview is uploaded sometime in the [near] future! :peachonthebeach:

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Lucy was great here. She seem so relaxed and playful. I love how they played Here's Lucy when she entered instead of I love Lucy. I love how she enjoyed helping the students think it is possible. She was a positive thinker and full of sunshine. The cry is hilarious and just as good as years earlier.

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