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WE Belong Together.


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What is this scene from? It doesn't look like Life With Lucy. Was it specially filmed for this preview. I remember seeing this on ABC's 50th Anniversary special from 2003? I was so excited to see Lucy on. With CBS and NBC (with Bob Hope) Lucy has been on anniversary specials on all networks.

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This version is even better. Lucy appears at the end again. She is so beautiful and cute. You can sense the great friendship and admiration Lucy and Gale had for eachother.


This is wonderful! Thanks for posting it. Definitely not from LWL, but I'd love to know where the clip came from.

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I can't keep watching it, cus it makes me cry.

Thinking about those happier times in the 80s and thinking about Lucy and Gale, and that embrace. ugh

It just melts my heart.

but I think this ties into that Life With Lucy interview she did with Alan Thicke.

If you notice around the end of the interview, Aretha's voice comes in, singing that song.

So I think it was a big promo for the network specifically, not so much the initial show.


NBC had a similar jamboree kinda thing join on called "Lets All Be There" where they all came together as one

family, and did cross over promotion for each shows.


I dont watch much TV now days, but I wish they did more of this today.

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Same here, don't recall ever seeing that before, maybe it was made for the ABC affiliates meeting, all the shows they were pushing for Fall '86. Lucy looks sensational there, as does Gale, I like that they ended with them. When it ends, you can see a different version that's a bit clearer and the song sung is different.

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