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The Post-Journal

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The following is posted on behalf of leenorman, who's experiencing technical difficulties at the moment.

"The Post-Journal, Chautauqua Belle Docks in City This Yr, by Dennis Phillips, “1/last operating steamboats in North America docks in new home this yr. City/Jamestown, US Steam Lines Ltd., announce multi-yr lease allowing Chautauqua Belle [site 269belledotcom] to dock at McCrea Point Pk boatlanding. May/June, September/October, Stage Family-Matt, Paul, Del-owned Belle, makes round-trip passengerexcursions on Chadakoin River fr/boatlanding @McCrea Pt. Pk. to Chautauqua Harbor Hotel. During July/August, the boat w/b back in Mayville making trips along north Lake;” [see 5/29/2019]; published, 2019.
The Post-Journal, Region, Weekend Launch, Chautauqua Belle Officials Sign Lease Agreement, by Dennis Phillips, “Belle [info site: 269belledotcom]; docked at McCrea Pt Pk [see 4/16/2019]  ready to launch this weekend; take riders along Chadakoin River Outlet to Celoron, Chautauqua Lake, at Chautauqua Harbor Hotel; regular trips Sat/Sun@1, fr/McCrea; rides will be available for LucyFest2019/August;” [see Riverwalk/Chadakoin River/Celoron history 6/1/1812 & 4/16/2019]; published, 2019."
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