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Gloria Stuart


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The lovely Gloria Stuart has passed away at 100! :(


I had the extreme honor to meet her several times; most recently at her 100th birthday party on July 4th and then shortly thereafter at the wonderful Motion Picture Academy salute to her on July 22nd. Gloria was there with all her friends and family (the place was so crowded) and she enjoyed every minute of it. At this point, she had practically no voice (just above a whisper)...but she still was able to tell her stories and answer Leonard Maltin's questions...with her own dynamic, impish and wonderful spirit!


I truly loved this woman. It is a blow.


RIP, dear Gloria.




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Here's a link to the birthday party back on 4th of July. I was fortunate enough to be right up front to grab these shots. The hosts were James Cameron and his wife, Suzi and you'll recognize the gorgeous Frances Fisher (whom Gloria had a special friendship with).


Gloria was completely sharp and in the spirit of the wonderful day.




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