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Wand and Frank on Stu's Show and upcoming guest

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Last night on Stu Shostack’s radio show he had Wanda and Frank on as guests. What an enjoyable 2 hours this was listening to them tell stories.

You can find rebroadcast info on Stu’s site here. http://stusshow.com/


Also make sure to tune in next week as Jimmy Garrett will be the guest.


Apparently in the past when Wanda was a guest she typically was on via phone as she now lives in Oklahoma but was in town for a Hot in Cleveland taping so she was a guest in the studio.


I could listen to these people tell stories all day long. They talked about a lot of stuff that I either had not heard before or had heard the story but they offered a new take on it, more information or helped to clarify it better.


Some highlights for me:


Frank is still working on his book and has a good ending story for it about the last days of Lucy’s life so he wasn’t going to share that on the show.


Some really funny digs at Gary. Stu wasn’t going to share one story on the air he told over the break but did since Frank was laughing so much at it.


Frank told the story about the time Gary redecorated the Palm Springs house and Lucy totally hated it and was about ready to leave him. Lee mentions this in his book, but Frank goes into some nice detail about it. It did help clear-up a confusion I had as I thought this idea to redecorate was a surprise to Lucy but it was something she okayed. The surprise was what he did to it.


Frank talks about what it was like at the house and dealing with fans. Wanda talks about all the fan mail and how she took care of it. They have a nice discussion on Lucy and gift giving.


Do try to catch this show as it was such a delight listening to the two of them speak. I love how candid they have always been in their stories and really help to paint a very well rounded picture of who Lucy was.


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Great recap, Luvsbway :) . I really enjoyed the show, too.


Yes, they all were in agreement that while Gary may have been a good husband to Lucy, he just didn't make good decisions regarding her career. I could never understand why Lucy, as savvy as she was & with all she had accomplished (including being head of a major studio!) deferred to him when deciding which roles to take or decline.


I've only ever heard Jimmy Garrett in the bonus feature he did on one of the DVD bonus features. It will be fun to hear his stories :) .

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