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Lucie's Book


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Funny, I haven't been to Lucie's website in years but while culling some old stuff from my computer last week I came across the link to it & decided to see if she still had a section I liked where she answered fans questions. This excerpt is on her home page (luciearnaz.com if you want to read the whole entry):


"Awaiting me at the end of all this moving about, is my adventure in combing through 50+ years of my own journals and calendars to decide what Lucie wants to write about. I cannot wait!"


I had hoped she had already started it because I can't wait to read it! :)

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From the interview I heard in Nov the PS move is delaying this. She did say she packed everything she would need to write this all together so once she got settled in PS everything would be ready to go.

Well hopefully she'll be "settled" by next month 'cuz she's got a show to do there on the 11th! ;)  :lucyeww:

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